Medium-large prints: 14 x 18 hand-colored with fluorescent pencils on special art paper - for enhanced viewing under black light. These fluctuate in price ranging from $50 to $100. Email or for further information.

11 x 14 Beautiful Digital Color Reproductions: $20 each or $30 for two; $40 for three.

8 x 10 Beautiful Digital Color Reproductions: $10 each; $18 for two; $25 for three.

All prints are signed by the artist, come with a foam-core backing board inside a clear plastic envelope, and are sized to fit in a standard frame.


The Ocean of Time is $9.99. An expanded second edition of 'A WALKABOUT SEATTLE' will be released later in 2013. 'The Hidden World' is temporarily unavailable.


All Mystery School CDs are $10 each; all cassettes are $5.00 each; vinyl copies (stock limited) Something Different are $15 each. Vinyl copies of Alien City are sold out. (please add $2 for shipping/handling)


US Postal Money Orders ONLY

Mail to:
Jon Strongbow
1901 Western Avenue Apt 101
Seattle, WA 98101

Contact Jon Strongbow by email:

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