Glympse of New Albums

Tracks from album in progress,
"Mysterious Stranger"

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1) The Forest thru the Trees

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2) The Inner Temple

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3) Fellini Gondola

Track from album in progress,
"Child's Play"

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1) The Insect Hop

Tracks from album in progress,
"Philosopher's Stone"

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1) Passageway

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2) The Fool Rushes In

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3) Majestic Spiral Path

New Albums Just Released!

Tracks from new release,
"Strange Cathedral"

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1) Dragon Thumbs
2) The Voice of the Tree
3) Approaching the Ancient Ruins
4) Devil Bushmen

Tracks from new release,
"Secret Teachings"

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1) Alchemy and Apotheosis
2) Null Zone
3) Secret Worlds
4) Time Travelers

CD Albums Available

This is the first time any of this music has been offered in a digital format. We have added and subtracted, remixed and remastered everything so it is all fresh, yet ancient at the same time!

There wasn't enough room to fit all these liner-notes in the 4 page booklet for the album Unusual Tales, so here they are, for all those interested!

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1) An Ocean in Tibet
2) Riding the Underground Trains
3) What the Elders Said
This CD is a remastered collection of the best of our first three albums which were released only on cassette. There are sixteen tracks featuring the original members of the group, especially featuring the brilliant electric violinist Clayton Park.

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1) Train of Thought
2) China Seas
3) Daddy Long Legs
The 5th Mystery School album is titled "INSECT MASQUE." It features all our friends from the 4th album, plus some new ones! This album playfully shows how much humans and insects have in common.

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1) Spanish Flea
2) Metamorphosis
3) A Scurrying of Scavengers

The Fourth Mystery School album came out in 1999 and is called "DREAMS OF THE EARTH." It is available on CD only, with cover art by Milo Duke, and interior art by Jon Strongbow, from the Secret City Suite. The theme of this album is "The earth is dreaming and we are her dreams." It features the same line-up as before, but also features Jarred Kaplan of Hanuman on percussion, Willow has a few delicious vocals; Christine Gunn plays gorgeous cello and Carolyn Crusoe astonishes us all with flute and hammered dulcimer.

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1) Dreams of The Earth
2) Never-Ending Road
3) The Ancient One

The Original Mystery School Group
(D. Martin, M. Taylor, M. Sutlovitch, Strongbow)

1) Davis Martin,Mark Taylor,Martin Sutlovich,Jon Strongbow;
2) Mehrdad Azadi,Engineer;
3) Monkey Terrorizes Drummer;
4) Monkey Makes Percussionist Laugh.

"A Normal Sort of Guy" was recorded in 1986-87 at Reciprocal Studios, with Martin Sutlovich on fretless bass; Leo LeBlanc on drums; Linda Severt and Mark Taylor on percussion; Jeff Greenlee plays base on "World's Inside of You"; Jon Strongbow guitar, keys and vocals; the project, released only on cassette, is now available for the first time EVER in digital format. Here are four cuts from the album.

1) Some People
2) Komodo Dragon
3) Masculine Women/Feminine Men
4) The World's Inside of You
Something Different was recorded in 1988 at Green Monkey studios, engineered by Tom Dyer, with Martin Sutlovich on fretless bass; Will Dowd on drums; Linda Severt on percussion; Jon Strongbow guitar, keys and vocals; featuring vocals by Dee Chapman, Roselle Williams, Laura Weller, and Anne Marie Ruljancich; also featuring a guitar solo by Michael Auchter & some guitar licks by Tom Dyer. The whole project was then later remixed by Patrick Donicht at the Audio Vortex in 1990, with additional material added.

1) Body of Knowledge
2) Explode
3) What if Means to Walk Alone
4) Rest of my Life
What It Takes
1) Talkity Talk
2) Stupid Fear
3) Paper Guru
4) What it Takes

The Get Well Soon Band - 1989

The Get Well Soon Band features Tom Richards on drums, Monad Graves on sax, Dave Lafontant on sax, Dee Chapman on bass & vocals, Jeff Greenlee on keys and Jon Strongbow on guitar & vocals

In 1992 and 1993 Jon Strongbow released his first instrumental albums:

"WORLD WITHOUT WORDS" and "MUSIC FOR INTENSE CITIES," both of which contain the seeds for what later would become Mystery School. Both these albums contain Tibetan chants from the Shakya Monastery woven into some of the music.

In 1994 Jon Strongbow embarked on a project now known as "SHORT STORIES," where 20 musical themes are compressed to three minutes or less. This was accomplished with the aid of the sensational Martin Sutlovich on fretless bass and the extraordinary Patrick Donicht on drums and engineering.
In 1995 this same group of artists recorded "DREAM WALTZ" which contains 10 larger instrumental pieces by Jon Strongbow. This album was created immediately prior to the founding of MYSTERY SCHOOL and has many of the same musicians performing on it.
The first official Mystery School album is 1995's "ANCIENT YOUTH." The theme is "We are all immortal children." It features Clayton Park on electric violin, Martin Sutlovich on fretless bass, Dave Martin on drums, Mark Taylor on percussion and Jon Strongbow on keys.

This was followed in 1996 with "TRAVELOGUE." The same lineup is featured here, but with emphasis on special effects that induce the sensation of traveling to remote parts of the earth, including the China Seas, Arabia, Rain Forests of South America, Venice Italy, the Mountains of Tibet, and ghost towns in America, to name a few.

In 1997 the group released their 3rd album: "THE RIVER OF TIME." The theme is "Moving through the world, while maintaining touch with the vastness of history." (All of these are available in very limited amounts on highest quality cassette at this time.)

Limited Release CD





Alien City Remastered
Available Now!

Very rare vinyl LP "ALIEN CITY" (made in 1979) has been remastered and is available in digital form. Here are some of the remastered tracks.

1) Cathode Rays
2) Information Overload
3) Older Men

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