The Secret City Series is an ongoing series of pen and ink drawings, with various portions enhanced by Prismacolor pencils. It takes you on a shamanic journey through the streets of Seattle. You will meet vanishing peoples from many different worlds:

Aboriginal Australians, New Guinea tribesmen; Tibetans; Native Americans: Kwakiutl, Nootka, Makuna, Lakota, Hopi, Makaw, Zuni; Chinese Ghosts, Balinesian dancers, African dancers and drummers, the Dogons of Mali, the Masai, and many more.

In a modern milieu, these colorful dancers, priests, mythological beings, and shamans are healers of contemporary man, who, through his own lack of spiritual insight, has been reduced to a walking ghost. This series also embraces extinct species, as well as endangered species. This series, which began in 1992, also reveals the changing face of the city of Seattle, and shows many of the lost and forgotten people and shops and scenes of the 80’s and 90’s.

Samples from the Secret City Suite:

1) The River of Time
2) The Long Arm of the Law
3) The Videots
4) A Whale of a Time

5) The Concrete River
6) Soul Food
7) Discovery of Amerika #2
8) Occupy Seattle!

9) Sidewalk Shaman
10) The Secret City
11) Ray of Hope
12) Rush Hour

13) Dawn Patroll
14) Ellie
15) Walking Robe
16) The Kill

17) The Buskers
18) Death is Not the End
19) Pursuit of the Spirit Fish
20) The Cosmic Sea

21) A Meeting of the Minds
22) Always Moving
23) Buddha in the Ruins
24) Trespassers

25) The Dance of the Dicky Birds at the Erotic Bakery
26) The Discovery
27) The Mask of Beauty
28) Medicine Woman (Char)

29) Medicine Woman (Christine)
30) Medicine Woman (Sha-Sha)
31) The Mythological Parade
32) Pioneer Spirit

33) The Rain of the Olmec Heads
34) The Rain of the Prechristian Goddesses
35) Shiva in the City
36) We're All Freaks in this Vast Surrealistic Circus

37) The Tibetan Tango
38) Dances with Fleas
39) Up from the Deep
40) Waiting for the Bus

41) The Phantom City
42) The Price of Beauty
43) Ghost Chief
44) The Deep End

45) Police State of Mind
46) Market Magick
47) Eschew Ennui
48) And the Band Played On...

49) The Face of Beauty
50) Convention's Out
51) Leaping and Bounding
52) The Green Man Comes to Town

53) City Spirit
54) The Discovery of Amerika-III
55) The Hard-Sell Rain
56) New World Rhythms

57) Blessing of the Bridge
58) Travelers - Don't be Scared!
59) The Return of Quetzalcoatl
60) Pike Place Market Contest Article

61) Dragon Burger?
62) Dreamtime USA
63) Fireworks
64) Ghosts in the Ruins

65) Independent Film
66) Kingdome Come
67) Lost in the Fog
68) Out Shopping

69) Shaman's Face
70) The Ancient Ones
71) The Discovery of America
72) The Emerald City Blues

73) The Family that Plays Together Stays Together
74) Time Travelers
75) Waiting for the Bus
76) In Who's Image?

77) Imaginary Friends
78) Release the Beast
79) The Underworld
80) The Waiting

81) Self Storage
82) Winging It
83) Out in the Cold
84) Shaman You!

85) How Little We Know!
86) The Man Inside
87) The Flute Players
88) Blast From The Past

89) Ancient Future
90) Trophies
91) Before Gentrification
92) God is a Woman and She's Black . . . Deal with it!

93) Broadway Buddhas
94) Cloud_dancer
95) Gone but not Forgotten
96) The Wave of Creation

97) The Witch Doctor Life
98) Too Much Coffee!
99) Up from the Depths
100) Manifesting a Medusa

101) Out for a Stroll
102) Mantis in the Moon
103) Magazine City
104) Walking Medicine Robe

105) Family Portrait
106) Terminal Sales
107) Dreamtime Alleyway
108) Calling All Mudmen

109) The Only Good Indian
110) All Aboard
111) Non-stop Dogons
112) Grassworks.jpg

113) In the Dream Time
114) The Secret of the Ages
115) A Part of the City I've Never Seen Before
116) Black Lite Bird Man

117) Black Lite River
118) Black Lite Bugs
119) Black Lite Kingdome
120) Black Lite Northbound

121) City on the Edge
122) All Walks of Light (bl)
123) Apache Capital Hill Spirits
124) Leaping and Bounding

125) Normal Sort of Guy
126) Park Here (bl)
127) Wigland (bl)
128) Pure Manifestation

129) Self Storage (bl)
130) Witch Doctor Life
131) Travelogue
132) A 'Page' from History

133) Death is Not the End (bl)
134) Mantis Thinks Everything is Funny
135) Gravity Bar Dark (bl)
136) work in progress

137) Dinosaur Shaman (bl)
138) Dinosaur Shepard (bl)
139) Artist's Reception (bl)
140) Books Come Alive

141) Kachina Crossing (bl)
142) Rite of Passage (bl)
143) Headhunter Buskers (bl)
144) Presto Chango (bl)

145) Ancient Youth (bl)
146) Real Change Cover
147) My Girls (bl)
148) Market Times (bl)

149) Strange Part of the City (bl)
150) Start them off Young with the Classics
151) Night Journey
152) On the Backroads of Montlake

153) "The Fall"
154) "Which way to Zambia?"
155) "The Fearsome Fall"
156) "Pants on Fire"

157) "The World Below"
158) "Mae Phim Special"
159) "Make Way for the Androgynous Shamaness"
160) "Sweethearts Forever"

161) "Twilight Time"
162) "Inside Outside at the Same Time"
163) "Dream Girls"
164) "Magus Books"

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